About us

Co-operative Trust Company of Canada was incorporated in 1952. The Company was created by credit unions and other co-operatives to expand member services, particularly in the areas of personal trust services and mortgage funding. With the subsequent addition of deposits and corporate trust services, the Company now provides financial intermediary and trusteeship services nationwide to credit unions, corporate clients, mortgage brokers and deposit agents.

Our markets and opportunities for collaboration continue to expand. Credit unions, however, remain the primary focus of the Company’s product and service development. Co-operative Trust has business relationships with 80% of Canada’s credit unions and strategic relationships with other select organizations.

In carrying out our business, we are guided by the Principles of Co-operation and the fundamentals of the co-operative movement. Consistent with this focus, we recognize that, above all, exemplary, personalized service is one of our most distinguishing factors.

Innovation is another. Co-operative Trust is increasingly utilizing the power of the Internet to fulfill business needs. The web-based delivery of program/product information is at the forefront of this charge and we are working with strategic partners to develop/integrate applications for this purpose. Indeed our founding business initiatives, personal trust services, and mortgage loan funding are among those services now accessed principally through electronic channels.

Amid the technological advance we have not forgotten our roots – and that is people. Co-operative Trust contributes in excess of 1% of pre-tax profits to charities and other non-profit organizations. This commitment to community extends beyond the corporate level with many staff being active in community oriented initiatives. We are actively involved in the United Way and our commitment to social values is one of the benchmarks by which we measure corporate success.

The giving and caring spirit that characterizes this Company and its people makes Co-operative Trust a better place to work. The staff and management of Co-operative Trust are dedicated to working together and with our partners to strengthen the clients and communities we serve.