Your Concerns are Important 

Co-operative Trust continually tries to deliver products and service levels that satisfy, and wherever possible exceed, your expectations. We recognize that in a given instance we could be perceived as falling short of your expectations. In those situations, we want you to contact us so that we have the opportunity to correct any deficiencies. For this reason, we have developed a process to assist you in obtaining a satisfactory response to any such concerns or complaints you feel should be brought to our attention. We will both benefit from discussing these matters.

Timely Handling 

It is much easier to deal with issues immediately following the event. No matter where in Co-operative Trust you communicate your concern, you can anticipate a response within five business days of our receiving your communication. Where the issue is complex, the actual resolution may take longer than the five business days.

Understanding Your Concerns 

Before communicating your concern, it would be beneficial if you have all of the pertinent information and documents available. This would assist in clarifying the nature of the problem and allow us to respond to your concern with a minimum of delay.

Communicating Your Concern 

We could best respond if your first contact is directed to our Financial Services Representatives or your local servicing branch. Generally, the individuals in these locations will be best able to determine the facts and deal with your concern without undo delay. If you feel you have not obtained a satisfactory answer, ask to speak with the individual’s Manager. Your concern will be reviewed immediately.

Whenever you feel that a concern has not been properly addressed, you are encouraged to communicate directly with our Corporate Office. This may be done in writing to: