Key Cold-Weather Maintenance for Your Vinyl Windows

In many homes, when the question of choosing a window material comes, vinyl windows remain the best choice. Vinyl windows is highly popular as they are highly energy efficient, easy to maintain, and highly durable. Even when one is planning to install vinyl windows, one should always call a professional window installer. Many people think that vinyl replacement windows are installed as they are cost effective. Well, that might be one cause, but another reason to install them is that they are suitable for winter climates. In short, vinyl windows are suitable for cold climate and freezing temperature.

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Taking Care of Windows

Many homeowners while thinking about window replacement, goes for vinyl windows. These windows can be a great choice as they can go for long years. It requires very little maintenance so that it can last for a long time.

Homeowners can easily prepare their windows for the inter season with the help of simple steps. One thing which should be kept in mind is that the windows should be cleaned when the weather isn’t too cold. However, one should clean the windows when the weather is cloudy. Here are some tips which need to be kept in mind while one is preparing to clean their windows during the colder months. They are:

Check the Windows

Before the winter approaches as well as during the winter months, homeowners should check their window frames and the glass. Even if one has already installed vinyl replacement windows, gaps can occur within the window frames. Thus, on a windy day with the help of a candle, you need to move it around the glass panel and wooden frames. If the flame flickers then it’s a sign of air leak.

Sealing Itvinyl replacement windows in toronto

The gaps within the vinyl windows can be easily sealed with the help of caulking. On the other hand, weather-stripping can be applied for larger gaps.

Store the Screens

During the winter months, snow can put a lot of load on the window screens. This can cause it to sag or tear. Hence, if you want to avoid your window screens from getting sagged, you can easily remove the screens. However, one should store the screens carefully so that it can be placed along the basement or attic.

Cleaning the Windows

Clean windows and frames can easily keep away the cold. You can easily protect the vinyl replacement windows by washing the dirt and debris which gets accumulated on the screens or frames. Always the window should be cleaned with a strip applicator. The applicator can be dipped in warm soapy water in order to remove the dirt.

Decorating Windows

Another thing which must be kept in mind while decorating the windows for Thanksgiving or Hallowen or Christmas is that you should simply avoid screwing nails across the frames. It would completely ruin the frames and through the hole of vinyl replacement windows, air would start to pass. This, in turn, would raise your utility bill.

If you have decided to clean the vinyl windows on your own, you should talk to an expert. They can guide you with the process of vinyl replacement windows cleaning and maintenance tips.