Picking the Right Binding

Are you a student or a business professional? You might be required to create documents. For instance, students might need to submit essay paper to their professor. Or, a businessman might need to create booklets for their clients. Whatever might be the situation, the document needs to look professional. In order to make the documents look presentable, comb bindings can be of great help.

A document should have a functional style and the format in which the document is presented should be durable. Hence, one aspect which needs to be kept in mind before submitting a document is to ensure that it has got the right binding.

Different Binding Formats

You will come across a wide number of options. In order to know which option is right for your document, you will need to know about the binding methods in detail.

Coil Bindings

Coil binding is also referred to as comb bindings. This binding method is able to create a functional and professional looking document. Hence, coil binding can work well for business proposals and projects. This method is suitable for professionals and students.


  • The bindings can come in different colors.

  • The pages can’t be reopened or edited.
  • The document can be set flat and again folded back by 360°.

Comb Bindings

Unlike comb bindings, comb binding is not at all durable. Hence, the outcome of the project is not very professional. However, it is used by lawyers for inserting new pages into the document.


  • Pages can be added or removed easily.
  • Customization of the plastic spine with preferred color or design.
  • Document folds 180 degrees

Saddle Stitched

This binding method allows folding and stapling of double-printed pages together. This format is suitable for making catalog, brochures, and calendars.


  • Economical binding option.
  • Pages from the documents can’t be added or removed.
  • The document can be spread flat 360 degrees and folded back.
  • Custom printing job

Wire Binding

  • Wire binding, just like the comb bindings can offer a professional and sturdy look to any document. The binding is done in such a way that the pages can be opened fully. Hence, it is considered to be a better alternative to coil binding. The document can be laid flat 360 degrees and folded back.


  • Offers a permanent and durable format of binding.
  • New pages can’t be added because of the metal wires.
  • Custom colors for wires are available.comb bindings

Soft Cover Binding

If you are a self-publishing author, you can choose this binding form. It can create a professional look, almost like paperback books.



  • The flexibility of the document because of adhesive binding.
  • Need for custom printing and assembling.
  • The spine can be spread flat.
  • Cover can be laminated or UV coatedcomb bindings

Before choosing any form of binding, it is important to consider the end-results. Before going for comb bindings or other forms of binding, the target audience or readers should be kept in mind. Binding format should be always chosen based on the function of the document and the number of pages included.